Dr Asun de Marquiegui originated from Northern Spain (Basque Country) but has lived in London for 30 odd years. Her medical work is as a Gynecologist and Family Planning. (Recently awarded a fellowship of the faculty of Reproductive & Sexual Health) Her sex therapy work stems from the problems she kept on seeing in her medical work. Asun studied sex therapy at St Georges Hospital London. Asun is a member of BARST and UKCP.

About Asun

Dr Asun de Marquiegui, or Dr Asun to us, sees clients who relationships are generally under strain, and often on the point of breaking. Asunís clients are heterosexual, gay and lesbian. The relationship and sexual problems she encounters affect all groups of people. Asun aims to empower her clients to understand themselves and their partner better. To communicate themselves and their sexual needs better, and to achieve this in as short a time as possible.

Dr Asun de Marquiegui has heard of every type of problem before, so she won't judge you or be embarrassed. Each session is completely confidential. You can even see Asun by yourself, but if your problem affects you as a couple, you should both try to attend.

As a gynecologist Asun also offers a full family planning service and sexual health checks.